Thursday, September 8, 2011


One thing I know for sure, "Change will come."  Life doesn't ask our permission when it delivers a package marked "change".  What Life allows is our response to the change.  Life provides many avenues for us to respond:
  • resistance
  • denial
  • acceptance
Response is two to one against change.

Change is not easy and brings with it uncertainity, fear, anger and for some hope.  If it were as simple as our response to the change that would be one thing but it is not that simple.  Our responses will be wrapped in our own belief system, our culture, our upbringing and of course the change itself.

There is no magic prescription for responding to change and there is no silver bullet.  No, not even your best friend will have the key to the best advice.  This is where Life's Journey is testing you for endurance and committment.  Some in my circle might say, "where the rubber meets the road".